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AEMA develops state of the art methods to measures markers in a community’s wastewater to track the level of various viruses and other pathogens. We provide turn-key access to world-leading methodologies and techniques allowing rapid laboratory turnaround times (typically less then 9 hours from sample receipt) while maintaining a high level of precision. Results from the wastewater surveillance are then able to provide a global picture of the community well-being to public health authorities so they may make informed decisions more rapidly, potentially saving lives.


Water Tanks

Community Sampling

A strong wastewater monitoring infrastructure starts with a proper sample. AEMA has developed sampling procedures for monitoring treatment plants or lagoons which allows monitoring entire urban or remote communities as well as in sewer sampling, which provides monitoring at-risk neighborhoods or facilities.

Virus Studies

Sample Processing

Actionability is key for a monitoring program; that is why AEMA method is optimized to provide results within 7 hours of the sample arrival to the laboratory. In addition, our method is optimized for greater sensitivity even in a low viral shedding environment, finding the virus earlier and faster.

Data on a Touch Pad

Data Analysis

Wastewater monitoring is the newest tool in the pandemic preparedness toolbox, and not everyone has the time to learn its intricacies. Our data goes through rigorous quality control and insurance check and is presented in reports with warning thresholds so that the public health units are informed when viral levels are significant.

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